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Tree Removal
Pruning/Branch Reduction
Emergency Work
Stump Grinding

What does tree removal involve?

Removing a tree first requires an inspection. We often recieve photos of problem trees to be used for quotes however a photo doesn't always relay tree size or correct position. Dangers or hazards such as nearby property or access need to be assesed along with the health of the tree. These factors dictate how a tree may be removed. Close confines may require the tree be climbed however if the tree is dead this can be too dangerous and an elevated work platform may be needed, again; access is key for this type of vehichle. Roping, climbing, platform and groundwork are all safe methods of removal if the site has been inspected. Council permission may be needed in some cases we can provide hazard assesments if nessesary.

Branch removal or pruning may be all that is needed in some cases to keep a tree healthy or save your property from damage. Many Australian Gum trees are known for dropping branches sometimes from perfectly healthy trees. Dead or dying branches can be highly unpredictable and should not be left. Call a professional before the branch becomes a danger.

Pruning is carried out for tree shape, asthetics and health. Large hedges need regular shaping for optimal health as do fruit trees and many species of tree, we cover all tree requirements from orchards and ornamentals to natives and single branches. Wood can be taken away or blocked up for next years firewood with all debris cleaned.



We work closely with emergency services in times of need not all work can be carried out when services are swamped or the job is too big. 

We handle all storm damage from snow, rain, hail and winds to extreme heat these can all affect tree health and make for some very dangerous situations. Cleanup after big events can take months in some cases.

Dangerous situations can arise from homeowners or ametuers thinking it's a quick easy job yet not seeing the danger of hidden limbs or stressed branches sometimes under pressure this can lead to a far greater danger than the original issue. Call a professional we understand the dangers visible or hidden and will keep not only yourself and family safe but your property too.

Stump grinding is often required when we remove a tree and an unsightly stump remains or it is within a garden where new plants are to be planted or lawn grown.

It's a simple process however can be dangerous without the right safety gear as large chips are thrown out during operation. The stump is ground down to below ground level typically to a foot or more below with the depth being dependant on your requirements and the type of stump. We do NOT however remove the entire root system. This needs an excavator and in almost all cases is not required. The roots will naturally die off or for determined species a non toxic yet highly effective poison can be used if the client wishes.

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