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Complete Tree Removal


We specialise in the removal of large trees. Confined spaces are no problem we offer a variety of techniques such as climbing, roping and elevated work platform operation to cater to all situations.

Tree removal may be considered when an incorrect placement of tree has been made, the tree is dead or dying, limbs are dropped or land clearing is needed.

Tree deterioration can be as dangerous for our climbers as it is for the property owner therefore the tree must be physically inspected for all quotes.

Complete removal along with all debris available unless blocking up of firewood is needed or other arrangements made. 

Land Clearing
We can clear land of unwanted trees for new home building, renovations, bush fire preparations and general property needs. Large blocks catered for with debris removal available.



Hazard Assesments

A hazard assesment is often required for submission to council for tree removal, road closure and land clearing. Aussies can prepare a hazard assesment to be submitted to council or other interested parties. 


Branch reduction is sometimes required to not only ensure safety but to minimise future damage to the tree. Our qualified Arborists can determine the best plan for your trees future health. Dangerous overhanging branches may be pruned to prevent branch drop. Pruning can be used to maintain healthy growth in the tree along with maintaining the air movement within and around the tree for disease prevention and overall aesthetics. Epicomic growth can occur when bad pruning techniques have been used which can lead to unusual growth and shaping of branches, die back and disease. Correcting this 
​Stump Grinding


Stump grinding is sometimes needed to reduce left over stumps to below ground level for building and gardens.Please be aware this does NOT remove the roots in the ground. Non toxic poisons can be used to kill the roots in situ without harmful effects however heavy machinery is required to completely remove roots and is typically not required.

Storm Damage & Emergencies


We're on call 24/7 for emergencies.

Trees down can still be extremely dangerous if attempts are made to cut or remove branches without knowledge. Call a professional. Our staff are qualified Arborists and climbers which takes years to achieve. Do not attempt to cut attached fallen limbs or hangers without a professional opinion and there are many unseen dangers.

Snow, Rain, Heat stree and high winds all contribute to dangerous tree damage and environments. Take the worry away by calling Aussies and Leaf it to us!

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